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Male Birth Control

male-fertility-controlVasectomy is a simple surgical procedure for permanent male birth control, in which the tube leading from each testicle is severed and sealed in order to stop sperm from reaching the prostate where it mixes with the semen. This tube is called the vas deferens, hence the procedure is a “vasectomy.” Without sperm in the semen, a man cannot make his partner pregnant. The procedure leaves the patient unchanged, except for the fact that the sperm cord (vas) is blocked. While conventional vasectomy calls for two small incisions, the no-scalpel no-needle method involves only one tiny puncture in the skin with a special instrument. Compared with the traditional method, the no-scalpel no-needle open-ended vasectomy takes less time and causes less discomfort. P.S. A vasectomy is far safer, less expensive, and more verifiable than female tubal ligation.