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Preparing for a Ureteroscopy

Preparing for a ureteroscopy in most cases is not difficult. Ask Dr. Friedman for any special instructions. Most times you will be able to eat normally and return to normal activities after the test.

Since any medical procedure has a small risk of injury, you will need to sign a consent form before the test. Do not hesitate to ask Dr. Friedman about any concerns that you may have.

You may be asked to give a urine sample before the test to check for infection. Avoid urinating for an hour before this part of the test.

You may wear the top pieces of your clothing and the lower part of your body will be covered with a sterile drape. In most cases, you will lie on your back with your knees raised apart. A technician will clean the area around your urethral opening and apply a local anesthetic.

If you are going to have a ureteroscopy, you may receive a spinal or general anesthetic. If you know this is the case, you will want to arrange a ride home after the test.