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Emanuel Friedman MD – Finding a Good Urology Specialist

Urology and urologists deal mainly with the bladder, urethra, kidney, male prostate, male infertility, vasectomy and for some highly skilled and fellowshipped trained micro-surgeons – Vasectomy Reversals.

Patient Reviews- Urologist in Massachusetts – Find and research local Massachusetts (MA) Urology Specialists, including ratings, contact information, and more for MetroWest Urology

December 16, 2014

“Dr. Friedman was very backed up that day, which is unusual, so the wait time was 45 minutes but when he saw me he spent the time explaining everything and making healthy suggestions. He is a caring and concerned doctor and I would recommend him to friends and family. His staff is very friendly and kept me updated when he would see me.”

September 12, 2013

“The care is excellent. Each visit the exam I get is very thorough.”

August 16, 2012

“Extraordinary doctor in knowledge and caring. I didn’t know that MDs like Dr. Friedman still existed in this day and age. He is caring, he explains things clearly, he answers questions, and he followed up with a phone call to me at home to see how I was doing. More healthcare providers should be like this.”

July 31, 2012

“Dr. Friedman and his staff are the nicest people to deal with. I had a vasectomy done buy another doctor in the Merrimack Valley that didnt go so well. Dr. Friedman took me right in and helped me. He did the proceedure over again and made the pain I was having become almost none existant. Thank god I found these wonderful people.”

January 20, 2012

“In my area Dr. Friedman is highly recommended He has knowledge, experience and kindness. He is an overall good doctor. He is very thorough. I think he is excellent in his profession. Office area is small, it does get crowded during the day. Let’s say you have an appointment at 11am you might have to wait 15 min to be seen.”


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MetroWest Urology provides vasectomy reversal services in the United States and Canada. Dr. Friedman will provide sperm retrieval during vasectomy reversals to assist patients who may be interested in IVF at a later date. Some patients at MWU are from states such as Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana!  Click Here to meet our families on our private Facebook page!