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Wife pregnant after Vasectomy Reversal! Patient Reviews

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We would love to see your home videos! If you would like to share your story with others, please join our MWU Parent Congratulations Club! You will be featured on our Vasectomy Reversal Videos website – we will only share your first names and the State or Country you live in. By sending in your home videos, you will provide families with true knowledge about our practice, the procedure and your experience, and show other families that there is hope in starting new when times change.

Wife pregnant after Vasectomy Reversal!

“My pleasure to give outstanding rating. Please let Dr. Friedman know that I just found out my wife is about 6weeks pregnant. So, success only 3-4 months after procedure.”
Congratulations!! Please share your testimony with us- we will place you on our website! We appreciate that you have chosen MetroWest Urology!

Dr. Emanuel Friedman is an internationally renowned expert in male infertility and vasectomy Reversals. He has patients coming in from Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana & Iowa! Call us today 508.655.4422