How Permanent is Vasectomy?

While vasectomy is rightfully viewed as a permanent form of male contraception, vasectomy reversal is possible. When changes in life circumstances (such as remarriage) or a couple simply wanting more children arise, men who have undergone vasectomy should know that it is possible to restore their fertility. Vasectomy reversal is a minimally invasive procedure that restores the internal tubing (vas deferens) that carries sperm from the testicles and out of the penis. Utilizing microsurgery techniques, the urologist is able to reconnect the passageway that was previously clamped off or rerouted. It may take only about two hours to restore fertility, after which patients are required to abstain from sexual activity to allow time for proper healing.

At METROWEST UROLOGY, Dr. Friedman has been on the cutting edge or urological surgical innovation for over 35 years. He maintains a limited practice that focuses on vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, and microsurgical procedures. He has performed over 2,000 vasectomy reversals with a high success rate. To schedule an appointment for a vasectomy or a vasectomy reversal, please call (508) 655-4422. Our practice is located in Natick at 67 Union St, Suite #308

P.S. After vasectomy, the body still produces sperm that simply no longer have a way to exit the body.