Metrowest Urology to Bring First MRI-Fusion Prostate Biopsy to MetroWest Medical Center

Metrowest Urology is collaborating with radiologists at Metrowest MRI and Metrowest Medical center to launch the first MRI fusion biopsy program at Leonard Morse Hospital. Prostate cancers rarely show up on ultrasound or CT scan and most prostate biopsies randomly sample the prostate in search of a potential cancer. However, MRI can identify areas of the
prostate that are at greatest risk of being cancer. With MRI fusion biopsies, we can biopsy specific areas of the prostate that are of concern. MRI and MRI fusion biopsy may be useful for men who have had a negative traditional biopsy, but whose PSA continues to rise. Men who are on active surveillance for low grade prostate cancer may also benefit from the improved accuracy of MRI fusion biopsy. Our pateitns are referred for MRI at Metrowest MRI, where a 3 Tesla magnet provides us with cutting-edge resolution without the need for a endorectal probe. We expect to provide our fist MRI fusion biopsies in May 2018 at Leonard Morse Hospital.