Good News for Male Cyclists

Based on previous research and media reports, male cyclists may have found reasons to be concerned that cycling may raise their risk of developing urological problems. However, a recent large, multinational study reveals that male cyclists need not worry that cycling will have any adverse effects on their urinary tract or erectile function. The study compared 2,774 male cyclists (of varying cycling intensity) with 539 swimmers and 789 runners. Researchers found that the cyclists did not report a higher incidence of erectile or most urinary problems, regardless of their cycling frequency, bike or saddle characteristics, or road conditions. The only serious, but rare, adverse effect of cycling was a higher risk of “urethral strictures,” which can interfere with urination.

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P.S. While the study mentioned above noted that male cyclists are at higher risk for developing genital numbness and saddle sores, their risk can be reduced by raising their handlebars as high or higher than their saddles.