Why the Tummy Ache?

Because a “tummy ache” can have many possible causes, it’s important to seek medical attention for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Stomach pains are often dismissed as “gas” or an “upset stomach,” when the actual cause is far different and potentially more serious. While many people complain of a “stomach ache,” the stomach is just one of many organs that inhabit the abdominal area. Moreover, the very nature of their reproductive structure or anatomy dictates that women are more likely to encounter abdominal pain than men. In both genders, it’s important to discern the exact location of the abdominal pain, which may originate in the esophagus, intestines, stomach, bladder, pancreas, kidneys, ureters, spleen, urethra, prostate, cervix, or other organ.

P.S. Infections by bacteria, viruses, and parasites affecting the kidneys and ureters are a common cause of “stomach” pain in all ages.