No Vasectomy/Cancer Link Found

For nearly three decades, there has been no clear evidence on either side as to whether vasectomy is linked with an increased risk of cancer.

Now, researchers hope to put the matter to rest after having reviewed data from three million patients over 53 studies.

The researchers were quite clear about their findings. They say that the “review found no association between vasectomy and high-grade, advanced-stage, or fatal prostate cancer.” They went on to point out that, if there was a “weak association,” it was due to the likelihood that, because men undergoing vasectomies have already seen a urologist, they are more apt to return at a later date for prostate-specific antigen testing that might result in a prostate-cancer diagnosis.


P.S. Vasectomy is an effective, long-term contraceptive method that is comparatively safer, quicker, and cheaper than tubal ligation, the female equivalent.