Reverse Thinking

When circumstances lead a man to seek vasectomy reversal, there is good reason to be hopeful. Reversing the vasectomy involves sewing the ends of sperm-delivering tubes (vas deferens) back together again in a procedure known as a vasovasostomy. This is accomplished with the help of a microscope, as the surgeon makes cuts above and below the site of the vasectomy so that the vas deferens can be rejoined. If excessive scarring or inflammation blocks the part of the vas deferens that is attached to the testes, a different procedure (vasoepididymostomy) is required. The surgeon connects the portion of the vas deferens that is attached to the urethra directly to the epididymis, which overlies the testes.

P.S. A vasectomy reversal takes from two to four hours, depending on which procedure is required.