Male Contraception

Vasectomy is a simple operation designed to render a man sterile, or unable to father a child. It does so by blocking the tubes through which sperm pass into the semen. Sperm are produced in a man’s testis and stored in an adjacent structure known as the epididymis. During sexual climax, the sperm move from the epididymis through a tube called the vas deferens and mix with other components of the semen to form the ejaculate. All vasectomy techniques involve cutting, or otherwise blocking, both the left and right vas deferens, so that the man’s ejaculate will no longer contain sperm. No-scalpel vasectomy utilizes a clamp, a tiny puncture, cutting, tying, very little bleeding, and no stitches.

P.S. Approximately half a million vasectomies are performed in the U.S. each year.