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Office and Location

Our office is located in the medical office building across from Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick, MA. We are nearby to several major highways including Route 128, Route 9, Route 16, and I-90 and are easily accessible from most locations in the Greater Boston area. We offer flexible and convenient hours including some evenings and Saturdays. Our staff will work closely with your insurance and primary care doctor in order to assist you in obtaining any referrals or authorizations.

Dr. Kacker and Dr. Conners are on staff at the Metrowest Medical Center. We operate and see inpatient consults at both Leonard More Hospital and at Framingham Union Hospital.

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Lab work

Laboratory Services

For our patient’s convenience, we offer walk-in phlebotomy, blood and urine laboratory services. Many results are available within minutes with our rapid in-house testing. We offer UroSwab® for non-invasive STI testing and collection of blood and urine specimens for prostate cancer screening including 4K Score®. We can send specimens from our office for the full range of commercially available genitourinary assays.


Urodynamics and Office Based Procedures

We offer flexible scheduling for in-office ultrasound for bladder, kidney, scrotal, prostate and penile imaging including Doppler vascular studies and transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy. We coordinate with Leonard Morse Hospital and MetroWest MRI in Framingham for MRI fusion biopsy of the prostate, an emerging gold standard for prostate biopsy.

MetrroWest Urology has a dedicated cystoscopy suite and treatment room. We routinely perform endoscopic procedures for enlarged prostate including urodynamics and cystourethroscopy, Prolieve® TUMT, UroLift® and office-based laser prostate vaporization therapy. Our treatment room contains a surgical operating microscope and laboratory microscope for real time analysis of sperm samples This allows us to offer advanced microsurgical fertility procedures including vasectomy reversal, testicular biopsy, epididymal sperm aspiration, varicocele repair.