A Welcome Interruption

“Vasectomy” is an effective and permanent form of male birth control that prevents the release of sperm when a man ejaculates. This minimally invasive surgical procedure, which takes about a half-hour to perform and only requires local anesthetic, involves cutting, suturing, clamping, or cauterizing the ends of each tube (vas deferens) that delivers sperm from the testes. Doing so prevents sperm from mixing with the seminal fluid, so that the semen contains no sperm. Although the testes will continue to produce sperm, they no longer pass through the vas deferens. Instead, they die and are absorbed by the body. Because semen contains about 95 percent seminal fluid, there is virtually no discernible difference in the ejaculate.

P.S. Because the testes continue to produce testosterone, a vasectomy has no effect upon a man’s sex drive.