Uncovering a Confusing Link

Those caring for older adults with dementia should know that urinary tract infections (UTIs) can cause sudden behavior changes aside from the common physical symptoms. If caregivers know what signs to look for, they may be able to get their loved ones treated early enough to avoid potentially serious health problems linked with UTIs. Specifically, older dementia patients with UTIs may display sudden confusion, known as “delirium,” in addition to sudden worsening incontinence. While it may seem improbable that a urinary tract infection might produce confusion in an elderly person with dementia, the link may be explained by the fact that the infection stresses the body, both physically and emotionally, in ways that add to dementia patients’ bewilderment.

Seniors are more vulnerable to UTIs for many reasons, including their overall susceptibility to infections due to a weakened immune system. If left untreated, a UTI can lead to acute or chronic kidney infections, which could permanently damage these vital organs and even lead to kidney failure. For more information, please call METROWEST UROLOGY at (508) 655-4422. Drs. Kacker and Dr. Conners are extensively published in sexual health matters. Some of Dr. Kacker’s papers have been cited by the FDA in their explanation in industry rulings. The office is located in Natick at 67 Union St, Suite #308. Our website is https://mwurology.com/

P.S. Older individuals are more prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) because urine tends to sit in the bladder longer as we age, which increases the likelihood of bacterial contamination.